The Lab for the Latest Chapter

The Mastering Hyper-V Deployment book covers enterprise Hyper-V deployments (and we have stuff for the smaller guys too).  That means dealing with all the possible environments that you can encounter.  Building the lab for that in my house was a challenge – I don’t have an enterprise budget so I cannot splurge on servers as required.  Appropriately, virtualization is being leaned on quite heavily.

Here’s what the lab looks like:


At the heart of it all is my Hyper-V laptop.  I’m running a different eSATA drive caddy than my usual demo one for these labs.  The virtual machines won’t fit on it so they are on a large USB 2.0 drive which I had sitting on a shelf.  There is a mix of Wired and Wifi networking.  My house isn’t CAT wired and I use wifi.  The VMware ESX host won’t do wifi so I’m using wired networking between it and the Hyper-V host where vCenter and VMM virtual machines are running.  The Hyper-V laptop is also the Hyper-V server in the labs.

Everything works pretty well.  The only downside is moving large files across wifi which is very slow… but that gives me a chance to take a break or get some sleep at night.

I work from my writing laptop.  From there I can RDP onto any of the Windows machines that are on the wifi network (no routing enabled on the Hyper-V host) or alternatively use Hyper-V/VMM/vCenter connections to get on any of the VM’s.  I can grab my screen shots, save them on the laptop and write away until the wee hours of the morning.

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