Announcing the Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Book

Considering that Microsoft has just started their Microsoft Private Cloud/System Center 2012 campaign with their “transforming IT” production, it was thought that this was the perfect time to announce a new book, Microsoft Private Cloud Computing:


“Written by a team of expert authors who are MVPs and leaders in their respective fields, this one-of-a-kind book is an essential resource for IT administrators who are responsible for implementing and managing a cloud infrastructure. You’ll quickly learn how cloud computing offers significant cost savings while also providing new levels of speed and agility. Serving as a how-to guide, Microsoft Private Cloud Computing walks you through building a secure, internal cloud and delivering it as a service to your company suing Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012.

  • Discusses fabric management with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)2012
  • Examines how to provide network and storage with VMM 2012
  • Looks at the VMM library configuration
  • Discusses private cloud and cloud service management with Microsoft App Controller

Microsoft Private Cloud Computing is a must-have comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of implementing a private cloud”.

And just who are these “expert authors”.  Let me introduce them to you:

There’s a long story behind the book.  It started out with one concept that was talked over initially via email and a chat.  Then when we started to get to grips with the concept … well … everything took a left turn at Dundalk and went a different direction.  The size and complexity of the project literally blew up as we figured out what we really needed to write about.  That’s when we needed to add more expertise … and boy did we do that in style! 

Credit where credit’s due, after the initial concept development and planning, I stepped back a wee bit and took care of the intro chapters.  I had a l-o-n-g period of writing in 2010 and I wanted to take a break from it in 2011.  The meat of this book has been written by Patrick, Damian, and Hans.  Technical reviewing is being handled by Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, Kristian Nese (@KristianNese), helped by the fact that he has already published a book called Cloud Computing in Norwegian.

FYI, the cover that’s available now is a preliminary artwork … hence my cloning out the author listing. It will be updated to reflect the work done by Hans, Damian, and Patrick.

It is estimated that Microsoft Private Cloud Computing will be available on May 22nd, 2012.  And yes, I would expect there to be ebook editions – just don’t ask me when.

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6 Comments on Announcing the Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Book

  1. Ooh Great news. When will this book be available in India? I am searching for a book in Microsoft Private Cloud. but currently not available.


    • No idea to be honest – distribution is up to the publisher. It’s available via ebook so that’ll break down the usual barriers.

  2. Thanks a lot Sir.

    Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Book is now available in

    Hope this book is based on Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center.

    Thanks for your efforts in publishing this book very soon after the release of Windows 2012 Server.

    • WS2012 is not in there. THe book was written last winter and came out in the Spring. It would be impossible to include WS2012 at that time.

  3. RIchard Davies // December 1, 2014 at 9:15 AM // Reply

    Hi Aidan, are there plans to bring out an updated version of this for W2012 R2? Thanks.

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