Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Available In Paperback

Last Sunday Wiley released the electronic version of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing in Amazon Kindle, and other formats such as iTunes

Oddly enough, the paper version is usually released before the digital ones.  I know that sounds backwards but it has always been my experience.  I can confirm that the paper editions are actually available.  There seems to have been an issue with distribution so Amazon still don’t have stock but should have soon.


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5 Comments on Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Available In Paperback

  1. Congratulations, i’ll be ordering this one next week 🙂
    Sure looks good, and i have to have it!
    best regards from France,

  2. Rodrigo Quintas // August 9, 2012 at 7:27 PM // Reply

    I’m from Brazil, and i buy your book for amazon ano it’s sensacional, congratulações.

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