Windows 8 App Store Just Got Lots Of New Stuff

I’ve been building up an app collection for demo purposes, so I’ve been keeping track of what’s in the Windows Store on Windows 8 Release Preview. Nothing had appeared in a few days.  The calm before the storm I joke with myself.  How right I was.

I just logged in today and a lot of new stuff has appeared.  I’ve not see this much appear at once since the RP was released.


Can you feel it?  It’s coming … the RTM that is.  I previously guess 6pm or 8pm GMT Irish time, 1st of August.  A pure guess.  I’m leaving work early today so I can be at home at 6pm Smile Nerd!

I’ve just noticed … none of the usual tech journalists are tweeting … hmm … Can a man read too much in between the lines, or can a man guess that even though we’re in the Sinofsky era, some things that happen around RTM time don’t ever change?


There is definitely a lot of new stuff. I’ve just been playing an “exercise” game where it uses your webcam to track your movement. A lot of new games, productivity, and social stuff.


And it happened at around 17:45.

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