Microsoft News – 28 January 2015

Things have quietened down after the Windows 10 and HoloLens news, and Azure is back to dominating this post.

Windows Server

Windows Client





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2 Comments on Microsoft News – 28 January 2015

  1. Hi Aidan,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog, it has certainly helped me with quite a few of my Windows-related problems. I was wondering if I could ask you about high availability storage in Server 2012 R2?

    I have set up a Hyper-V cluster which connects to cluster shared storage via iSCSI. So far it works just dandy, but I do want to get rid of the single point of failure, which is the storage.

    I’m having a bit of a hard time visualizing this. I would like to have the cluster shared storage to be highly available, but I’m not sure what approach to take (using Server 2012 R2).

    Here is a crude diagram (sorry, Vizio eval ran out):

    What is the setup for that shared volume to be highly available? A scale-out file server requires setting up a cluster, which in turn requires shared storage, which brings me back to step one. Is this where storage pools/spaces come in? I just want the cluster shared storage to be highly available by using two different physical servers.


    • You design your shared storage so it doesn’t have single components that can fail (RAID/Storage Spaces, multiple disk trays, dual controllers, MPIO/SMB 3.0 Multichannel, etc). Beyond that, you need to look at backup and DR replication (see Hyper-V Replica and/or Azure Site Recovery).

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